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iPhone 5S and budget mobile phone will be released

The new smartphone from Apple will be released in early summer, and in September, the market will be a budget version iPhone. This predicts a prominent Western analyst Gene Munster. The expert also predicted downturn in the company.

iPhone 5S and budget mobile phone

iPhone 5S and budget mobile phone

Apple will release the next generation of smartphone sales at the end of June 2013, according to CNet referring to Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster. The expert believes that the end of June the producer can realize about 4 million new phones. By comparison, the company sold 5 million iPhone 5 for the first weekend.

Only in the Third quarter of the financial year 2012-2013 Apple could sell 30 million smartphones, up 15% higher than the same period last year (26 million), according to Munster. If his prediction is confirmed, the iPhone sales growth will be lower: in the III quarter of the last fiscal year, an increase of 28%.

Walk around the new smartphone different rumors, but particularly interested to know whether there are so-called near-field communication. This wireless technology in the future can be used as an identification card or as an electronic purse. However, Munster believes that chance, insignificant.

Analysts predict the emergence of NFC in the sixth generation iPhone. But there remain high hype around apple devices will largely depend on the success of iPhone 5S. Munster believes that in the first two months Apple will sell only 4 million smartphones. iPhone 5, for comparison, in the first weekend has sold 5 million units.

Experts believe that in case the company will decline. Munster, in particular, predicts deterioration on all counts – capitalization, lower sales and cost reduction actions. In this case, the analyst does not call to sell securities of Apple – ahead of possible jump in connection with the entry of innovative devices, such as, for example, clock or TV these products, he said there will be about in December.

As for the technology of biometric authentication, fingerprint scanner, its Apple, most likely, will offer iPhone 6, he said. The assumption that the iPhone 5S will be equipped with this technology, appeared after Applebought aspecialist in this field, the company AuthenTec, for $ 356 million.

Following the iPhone 5S, as predicted by Munster, Apple will release a budget smartphone, the price of which, without reference to the operator to be $ 250. Releasing an inexpensive mobile phone, the company can effectively compete for the mobile market in developing regions, which is estimated at $ 135 billion.

iPhone budget mobile phone

Due to the low price, Apple will be able to take a share in the growing and important segment of the smartphone market is cheaper $ 400, writes Darayani.

Rumors about the budget iPhone have been circulating for several years, it is worth noting a recent report analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, who said that Apple will launch a budget iPhone 5 c «body of plastic and fiberglass, due to which the device is lighter and thinner than the device with the housing from the usual plastic. In addition, such a body is easier to do in several colors. “However, cheaper iPhone to be heavier than iPhone 5S.

Darayani claims that the release of the budget iPhone will help the company get additional $ 22 billion of revenue.

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