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HTC One smartphone significantly improves the quality of the picture

According to the latest data obtained from the official announcement of HTC, presented a month ago HTC One smartphone will be on sale this week. The first stores will get it to the native HTC of Taiwan, as well as Germany and the UK. In other countries, things are a bit worse: wait HTC One they will have until the end of April.



The main design feature of the HTC One is that it is made from a single aluminum block – the world’s first smartphone with a monolithic metal housing. He, of course, provides a very high durability and elegant looks, but the engineering department of the company had to solve many problems associated with the placement of the components and operation of the antenna. In addition, the production of the body a lot of effort – the production is carried out on an automated harvesting machine with digital control, and then through a process of electrochemical etching on aluminum creates a soft texture, similar to tactile sensations on the soft-touch coating. In summary, each assembly HTC One requires 220 hours of work, which for modern production is very time consuming.



Home sales HTC One transferred is not the first time. Initially output smartphone expected on March 8, and then it was moved to the 15 th, and then altogether postponed indefinitely. Situation due to delays in the supply of components, in particular – the details of the camera and housing.

However, in this wine not only the suppliers but also of HTC: it has lost the trust of partners and lost the status of the buyer of the first class. As a result, customers were forced to wait more than one week ordered smartphone and hope that this example will not be contagious.

Specification of HTC One

  1. Screen                                                 4.7”, 1920 x 1080
  2. Operating system Android        4.2
  3. Processor                                         Qualcomm Snapdragon 600, 1700 MHz
  4. Random access memory            2048 MB
  5. File memory                                    32768 MB
  6. Wireless interfaces                       GPRS; Infrared; Wi-Fi 802.11a/ac/b/g/n; Bluetooth v4.0;   3G; NFC; LTE
  7. Rear Camera                                    4 MP
  8. Front camera                                  2 MP
  9. Battery                                               2300 mAh
  10. Size and Weight                              68.2 x 137.4 x 9.3 mm, 143 g
  11. Price                                                     27,990 rubles
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